Is there an age limit for being a father?

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3 October 2022
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3 October 2022

Is there an age limit for being a father?

Is there an age limit for being a father?

In short, yes, there is an age limit to being a father. As we often see in the news, although some men have children in their 50s or older, this likelihood actually declines after age 40 in a medical sense. There are many reasons for this:

• Sperm quality begins to decline with age. As in 30 years, it is possible to produce the same number of spermatozoa at 50 years old, but with age, the shape (morphology) of spermatozoa and their motility may deteriorate. As a result, it will be more difficult for them to fertilize the egg in this way.

• From the age of 40, testosterone levels decrease. This leads to a decrease in libido.

Do problems in a child increase with age in men?

Unfortunately, there is an increased chance of having a genetic disease in children born with sperm obtained from older men. The risk of having an abnormal child may be slightly increased, especially at age 40 and older:

  • Down Syndrome: The risk of having a child with Down syndrome after age 40 is five times higher than at age 30.
  • Schizophrenia
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Increased chance of developing type 1 diabetes.

What can I do to protect my sperm quality and my chances of fathering a healthy baby?

If you have any health problems, or if you have been trying to get pregnant naturally for more than a year without success, you should definitely consult a doctor and a time-consuming plan to treat existing health problems must be drawn up. In addition, you can take the following precautions to maintain sperm quality and your chance of becoming a father:

– Healthy Eating: If you are overweight, you can increase your chances of becoming a father by losing weight immediately. Some research suggests that a diet rich in antioxidants may also help promote conception.

– Smoking cessation: Smokers produce lower quality sperm than non-smokers. Men who smoke may have children at an increased risk of anomalies. As the first rule of a healthy lifestyle, if you smoke, you must stop smoking immediately.

– Avoiding alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol can reduce sperm quality. However, alcohol can increase the risk factors for a child with the anomaly.

– Pay attention to the heat that your groin is exposed to: your testicles produce the best sperm when they are slightly colder than the rest of your body. For this reason, you may want to avoid using laptops or sitting for long periods in hot environments. At this stage, wearing tight underwear and tight trousers should be avoided; You should avoid prolonged stay in hot places such as baths, saunas, etc.

– Avoid stress: Feeling calm and relaxed makes sex much easier. Severe stress can reduce sperm quality. You can get away from a stressful environment and relax with gentle exercise programs.

If you have had regular and unprotected intercourse for a year and have not been able to have a child, although you wanted to, you should definitely consult an IVF specialist at this stage. If the expectant mother is 35 years old or older, it is worth considering a visit to an IVF specialist after six months of regular and unprotected sexual intercourse.

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